Jack Black Net Worth in 2023 – Age, Career and Family


Jack Black is an American actor, musician, and comedian. Thomas Jacob Black was born in Santa Monica, California on August 28, 1969. His parents were named as Judith Love Cohen and Thomas William Black. He was grown up in Hermosa Beach in California.

Jack Black has three siblings from his mother their names are Neil, Howard, and Rachel Siegel. Jack mother is Jewish, and his father also converted his religion to Judaism.  Jack Black was Jewish. His forefather includes English, Irish, and German.

Jack parents got divorced when he was 10 years old then his father take Black to Culver City and he usually visited his mother’s home. When he was a child, he appeared in TV commercial (1982) for the Activision game.

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Jack Black Net Worth

In this article, we will discuss Jack Black net worth, Jack Black age, career, and family.

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  • Early Life of Jack Black:
  • Jack Black Career:
  • Jack Black Awards:
  • Jack Black Net Worth:

Jack Black Biography:

Jack Black Age:

Jack Black age is 53 years by now in January 2023.

Jack Black Height:

Jack Black height is 5 feet, 6 inches.

Jack Black Weight:

Jack Black weight is about 95 kg. 

Jack Black Salary:

Jack Black expected salary is 72 thousand dollars a Year.

Jack Black Family:

Jack Black is son of Thomas William Black and Judith Cohen live California. His mother religion is Jewish, and Jack father is grown up with his ancestors from Scotch-Irish and German.

He was grown up in an orthodox Jewish household. He went to Hebrew school. After his parents’ divorce, Jack relocated with his father to Culver City.

Early Life of Jack Black:

Jack Black was born on August 28, 1969 in Santa Monica, California. His parents name was Judith Love Cohen and Thomas William Black. He was upraise in Hermosa Beach in California. Jack mother do job in guidance system of Minuteman nuclear missile. She was also a writer.

Jack has three older siblings through his mother Judith Cohen. Their names are Neil Siegel, Howard Siegel, and Rachel Siegel. Jack mother was Jewish, and his father William converted to Judaism after marriage. Black religion was raised Jewish, His School name is Hebrew school and having a bar mitzvah.

Jack Black’s parents get divorced when he was 10 years old. His father take him and moved to Culver City. He usually go to meet his mother.

Jack Black Career:

When Jack Black worked in a commercial in video game pitfall. Jack Black done his first major acting role when he was 13 years old. Jack then unite with a theatre group which is known as the Gang of Actors. This group is mainly made up of UCLA students, included with Tim Robbins. Jack Black start his young acting career with various role model in TV shows, including Life Goes On, Mr. Show, and X files.

A film mockumentary style in 1992, Jack Black come into sight as a Bob Roberts. When he was in nineties, he done many other roles in film as a supporting actor in films like Airborne, Demolition Man, The Fan, Waterworld, Cable Guy, Mars Attacks!, Dead Man Walking, The Jackal, and many more. Jack Black got famous in 2000 when he get a prominent role in High Fidelity. He played role as a friend of John Cusack, also a role like a record store employee, and Jack Black has capability to do comedy films.

In 2006 a film Nacho Libre where Jack Black excelled and has done another prominent remarkable leading role. Black also appeared in films like the Tenacious D in Destiny Pick. He was also appeared in Year One. In Gulliver’s Travel throughout the 2000s. In 2011 Jack Black was appeared in two prominent movies: The Big Year and Bernie. His film latter was widely appreciated and was called one of his best film in 2011.

The utmost important movies by Jack Black were the Kung Fu Panda. Black was the leading character in all of three animated films –his role in film was known a favorite of all times. In original animated film Kung Fu Panda made a business of more than $630 million worldwide after getting 20 million dollars on its first day. In his next two films, they got a income of more than 1.7 billion dollars.

Jack Black Net Worth

He begin his own production company in 2006 named as an Electric Dynamite Productions. His production house worked in a number of TV series and films and in which Jack Black also worked.

In 2018 Jack Black started his YouTube channel named as Jablinski Games. The channel in 2020 has more than 5 million subscribers. He get together with top-rated YouTuber PewDiePie to generate charity for a mental health.

Jack Black Awards:

Black was nominated for two awards.

  • Best Voice Award in 2009
  • Jack Black was awarded Walk of Fame in Hollywood on September 18, 2018.

Jack Black Net Worth:

Jack Black is an actor, producer, comedian, voice actor, writer, and musician who has a net worth of $50 million. Jack Black is recognized for his comedic roles in many films. He is a skillful musician. Jack is also an establishing member of the Tenacious D and he is also an award-winning band.

Jack Black Net Worth in 2023:

Jack Black net worth in 2023 was 50 million dollars.

Jack Black Net Worth in 2022:

Jack Black net worth in 2022 was 45 million dollars.

Jack Black Net Worth in 2021:

Jack Black net worth in 2021 was 39.5 million dollars.


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